Punched Potatoes

Punched Potatoes was a food blog where I shared portuguese recipes every week from 2012-2013. Besides recipes, I also shared a bit about my life/travel. In 2022 I decided to make a few changes to this site, so that it was better in line with my feelings regarding the state of the internet (and the abuse of user’s data). If you would like to access the old version of this website, you can find it on archive.org. You can also read the comments on the blog posts, since those aren’t available here.

When I started Punched Potatoes, the intent was to have it be a source of income. That never came to fruition and as such I decided to clear it of everything that only makes sense in that setting. The blog was previously hosted on Blogger, and the feed included every kind of post. On this new implementation, recipes and life posts are on their own section. I removed user activity tracking, ads and the fluff before each recipe is now hidden by default (you can still read it if you enjoy slighty cringy and irrelevant information). The rss feed is also disabled since I don’t plan on updating the blog at any time in the future.

At the time of writing this page, the most popular pages on the blog were: Orange Roll (by far the most popular post), Portuguese Rice Pudding and Basic White Bread. This last one was my dad’s recipe, who had passed way two years before I shared the recipe. It makes me happy that people seem to enjoy it.

I considered just deleting the blog, but the recipes are good, so why not share them? This version of the website is made with Hugo and my own theme. I will probably share the theme in the future.

If you would like to get in contact with me, send me an email at fabiana@ + this website’s domain.